Leonie Profit

BA Hons, Lic. Ac, AAC, BacC,

Acupuncturist and Women's health specialist

When you create health, disease goes away as a side effect. It's that simple.

Dr. Mark Hyman

If you have a specific health issue or are looking to:

    • Lessen pain and dependence on medication
    • Reduce anxiety
    • Improve fertility
    • Boost your immune system
    • Improve the quality of your sleep
    • Optimize digestion
    • Balance your hormones

Or to simply enhance your sense of well-being and motivation, then do get in touch.

I have 17 years of experience treating both men and women for a many different conditions and bring a wealth of knowledge in Western and Eastern approaches to the treatment room.

For fertility patients, I have expertise in fertility, pregnancy and women's health and extensive knowledge of the IVF process and clinics. I also work with other holistic and Western medical practitioners where specific nutritional help, or medical review is needed. More about Fertility acupuncture

Whatever your reason for coming, through consultation and ongoing treatment I offer a thorough, professional assessment that is tailored to you individually. More about me

"Leonie's acupuncture resolved my severe and long-standing condition within one month of beginning treatment. She is professional, knowledgable and highly skilled, and it was a joy to be treated by her. I'd recommend this clinic for anyone with any health or wellbeing issues...". Gazel

What can acupuncture do for me?

Acupuncture is a sophisticated treatment that focuses on restoring or maintaining health, not just treating symptoms.


Acupuncture originated in China and other far eastern cultures over 2000 years ago and is used in conjunction with Western medicine in Chinese mainstream healthcare. As well as aiming to restore health, its primary aim is to keep the body and mind as healthy as possible so issues don't arise. Research has shown that (amongst other benefits) acupuncture:

  • calms the central nervous system,
  • treats the cause as well as the symptom,
  • regulates hormones and releases endorphins,
  • triggers the body's healing processes.

In Chinese medicine this process is called re-balancing the Qi, or vital energy of the body.

Health and Wellbeing

Our health depends on the smooth flow of energy (known as qi) in our bodies. A disrupted, obstructed or deficient flow can result in symptoms of pain and illness, as well as problems with mental health. By clearing these obstacles and re-establishing the body’s equilibrium, acupuncture can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions as well as many common issues such as stress, stomach issues, anxiety, back pain and poor sleep for example.

The Advantages of Chinese Medicine for Fertility

For centuries, Chinese medicine has been a popular treatment for fertility issues, tackling a wide range of factors that can contribute to fertility or health problems. My focus is always on treating any underlying causes, not just the symptoms, and on improving longer term health to increase chances of a successful pregnancy, birth and post-natal experience. Due to the level of detective work involved, it can also be particularly helpful with cases of unexplained infertility.

Research has shown that acupuncture helps to:

  • Regulate hormones;
  • Enhance blood flow to the uterus;
  • Improve the menstrual cycle and induce ovulation;
  • Boost the quality of eggs and sperm;
  • Reduce stress and anxiety.

Source: Szmelskyj I. IVF and Assisted reproduction

During treatment, I draw on on both Eastern and Western medical knowledge to complete a comprehensive review, taking into account your endocrine, reproductive and digestive systems, response to stress and how you feel in yourself. I find this is a particularly useful approach for couples who want to maximise their chances for trying naturally, as well as those who are already pursuing IUI or IVF.


Optimising your general health is the best way to improve fertility and to help you have a healthy pregnancy and baby. Acupuncture is a safe, natural way to support pregnancy and has been shown to be very effective in clinical trials. In my clinic I often work with patients on the following:

  • Fluctuating hormones causing mental distress and/or fatigue
  • Pregnancy issues such as morning sickness, back pain, pelvic pain and other problems that are otherwise difficult to treat conventionally.
  • Breech babies (acupuncture has been shown in trials to be more effective than ECV at turning babies).
  • Preparation for birth and non-medical induction
  • Support and advice where required.


“I have to admit that after so long I was sceptical about anything working for me. But after my first session with Leonie, I felt so much more balanced and in control, both mood and emotion-wise, and very quickly since then, with Leonie's regular acupuncture, I really do feel for the first time since I was about 17, that my condition is not dictating my moods in the negative way it did.”

Jessica S

"After trying to conceive for over a year, I went to see Leonie as a friend had recommended acupuncture to me. After just the first session I immediately felt more relaxed. I had weekly sessions and, after just two months, I fell pregnant. I really believe the acupuncture had a huge part to play in this. Both in relaxing me, and in getting my body balanced and functioning as it should.


"Leonie, I wanted to say a huge thank you to you, as I am convinced that your help was a MAJOR contributing factor to me getting pregnant. THANK YOU! I have recommended you to all my friends who are also hoping for a little bundle of joy, but have not been so lucky yet".


The treatment was life-changing. I visited Leonie with back pain, by the end of my sessions she not only healed my back but my whole body felt restored. From the start I felt listened to and at ease, Leonie is very insightful at understanding how the body works and how to heal it".

Natalie V

I just wanted to say how appreciative I am for all you've done for me this year on this journey of mine. Five element acupuncture has given me that bright light @ the end of the tunnel, that beautiful sense of direction, needed to get me started on this quest of acceptance, balance and love. It's people like you that help me believe.


Having suffered with upper back pain for a number of years and tried many different treatments e.g. massage, physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment, I went to see my doctor last year who suggested that I could try acupuncture. I found Leonie's number and after an initial burst of six sessions I found that the episodes of pain that I was experiencing were becoming fewer and fewer. I have now been pain free for several months now and only see Leonie once every six to eight weeks. I would suggest for anyone with a similar condition to try acupuncture and highly recommend Leonie as a practitioner".


“Leonie's acupuncture greatly improved my severe and long-standing condition within one month of beginning treatment. She is professional, knowledgeable and highly skilled, and it was a joy to be treated by her. I'd recommend this clinic for anyone with any health or wellbeing issues, especially those with conditions unsuited to western methods of treatment.”'ve tried it is invaluable.


Leonie's treatment significantly improved my jaw pain, which I didn't have many options for otherwise. Her consultation was thorough and professional, and she answered my many questions with patience. I am so grateful for the amount of pain-free time I have had since my acupuncture, and for the increased feeling of wellbeing that has come along with the treatment

Olivia M

"Thank you so much for helping me achieve my first pregnancy. I truly believe I would not have gotten pregnant without you. Thank you so so much".


About Leonie Profit

I'm Leonie, and my aim is to provide my clients with the tools they need to feel better emotionally and physically.

When I studied acupuncture over 17 years ago, I was introduced to a system of medicine that completely changed my view on health and wellness. In Ancient China, practitioners were paid to keep patients well. I find this emphasis on nurturing and restoring health, not just treating disease, to be such a positive and proactive approach to medicine and health.

Since then, my practice has taught me just how effective this system can be. To work with such an insightful system of medicine is powerful and, more importantly, empowering for the person being treated.

The keen observations of this system of medicine, and the discipline it requires, keep me inspired and motivated to share these insights with my patients. If by working with someone they can feel less pain/ get pregnant naturally/ avoid invasive treatment, that to me is a worthwhile pursuit.


I always aim to provide the highest standard of treatments, delivered safely and professionally. I am a member of the British Acupuncture Council and the Association of Acupuncture Clinicians and graduated with a First class degree from the College of Traditional acupuncture. I have worked for Gerad Kite at the prestigious Kite clinic in London and have run my own clinics in the City of London and in North London for 14 years.

I am constantly adding to my knowledge of this fascinating medical system and researching how and why it is such an effective way of treating people. I have studied with numerous pioneers in the Five element, fertility and acupuncture fields such as Niki Bilton, Gerad Kite, Judy Worsley, Debra Betts, Naava Carman and Nora Franglen. Most recently I completed advanced training in Neoclassical acupuncture with Slate Burris; a style which is at the forefront of acupuncture innovation.

I am a member of Acupuncture Childbirth London, supporting women through fertility issues, pregnancy, birth and beyond. I also work with consultants in the fertility field and aim to combine Western and Eastern knowledge to better help my patients.

If you would like to book an appointment, please email info@london-acupuncture.com or call 07737 958633.

City Clinic -Tuesdays

The Klinik,

16 Devonshire row,



Nearest station: Liverpool st. (2 mins)

North London CLINIC -


Marlborough road,


N19 4PA

Nearest tube: Archway (10 mins)

Nearest station: Upper Holloway (5 mins)


City clinic

£130 Initial consultation and treatment (1 hour 15 minutes)

£85 Follow up appointment (45 minutes)

North London clinic

£120 Initial consultation and treatment (1 hour 15 minutes)

£80 Follow up appointment (45 minutes)

Your questions answered...

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine

that involves inserting fine needles into specific points n the body to stimulate energy flow

and promote healing.

What is 5 element acupuncture?

Rooted in Taoist philosophy, the Five Element acupuncture

system is over 2000 years old and focuses on treating all facets

of human beings: mind, body and spirit.

As a result, patients may report the disappearance of

symptoms, but also feeling better generally, for example more

grounded, with increased energy, greater enjoyment of life, more confidence, better sleep and a normal appetite.

The ancient Chinese believed that all things in the Universe were manifestations of the Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water), and that the human body was a microcosm of the Universe. Hence the laws applied governing Nature were also applied to man. At the level of the body, the Five Elements are associated to specific organ systems, sensory organs, emotions, symptoms, disease tendencies and a general attitude towards life.

Though it has such a long history, in many ways Five Element acupuncture is more applicable today than ever before. In our ever-changing world our ability to be flexible in mental functions such as beliefs, emotions and attitudes, as well as being adaptable in our biochemistry and immunology is crucial to our health.

What is Neoclassical acupuncture?

Neoclassical Acupuncture is a palpatory style of acupuncture which provides immediate feedback with each needle placed. It follows the same ancient principles as Five Element acupuncture, treating at a very fundamental level to produce a domino effect, relieving symptoms throughout the body. It is one of the fastest growing styles of acupuncture worldwide due to its efficacy and the minimal number of needles needed.

Is Acupuncture safe?

Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment option for many health conditions. It is important to see a licensed acupuncturist, who has held a minimum of 3 years' training with a recognised teaching body.

What happens in the first session?

I will ask plenty of questions as part of an extensive consultation, then put together a treatment plan with lifestyle advice. I always explain that this is a joint effort as this will improve the outcome and duration of results.

How long does it take for treatment to have an effect?

For fertility I recommend coming for treatment for a minimum period of 3 to 4 months - this is the time it takes for an egg or sperm to mature - to help prepare for pregnancy. Some pregnancies happen sooner, some take longer. It depends on how easily the body comes back into balance and is ready to conceive.

For all other conditions I recommend an initial block of 6 sessions (initial consultation and treatment plus 5 further treatments) to assess the situation and see how quickly you respond to treatment. Basic cases take around 5-6 treatments, while more chronic or challenging cases can take 10 or more treatments.

Acupuncture works cumulatively so frequency is important to build on progress. At the initial consulation this will be assessed and you will be advised on the most effective interval between treatments. Once the condition is stable and symptoms reduced, then treatment is spaced out to maintenance intervals.